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Minot DeBlois was formed in 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rice, Heard & Bigelow, a firm of private trustees, to provide dedicated investment advisory services to trust and non-trust assets of that firm’s clients, as well as to extend our investment services to individuals and organizations seeking investment management services conducted in a time-tested fiduciary manner. Our purpose is to meet our clients' long term investment goals through thoughtful analysis and prudent management, attributes that we have honored since 1782, when George Richards Minot founded the first trust office in Boston, from which we trace our roots.

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MDA maintains a flexible and highly individualized investment approach toward each client portfolio. Clients' investment objectives are carefully considered in building their portfolios. The core investments are high quality individual stocks for growth and fixed income securities for income and safety. We believe that risk management is as important as the search for return, and we employ disciplined strategies to enhance capital preservation. All portfolios are actively, individually managed, and may be discretionary or non-discretionary depending upon the client’s preference.

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