The investment philosophy followed by Minot DeBlois Advisors is rooted in more than two centuries of service by members of MDA’s parent company, Rice, Heard & Bigelow, and its predecessor firms, as trustees and executors. MDA embodies this fiduciary style of investment management predicated upon prudent and thoughtful analysis.

MDA believes it is vital to work closely with each client to develop mandates that reflect the client’s objectives, risk tolerance and tax considerations. Accessibility, open communication and shared expectations are at the heart of a successful investment program. We aim to establish close relationships with our clients, building upon trust, consistency and attention to service, thereby following in the tradition of our parent company.

Our goal is to find successful investment opportunities; however, we also understand the need to mitigate risk. Some of our key investment tenets include the following strategies:

  • Quality – Our goal is to identify companies that provide attractive risk adjusted returns for the long-term investor. Our process leads us to focus on those companies which we believe have strong market positions, good balance sheets and cash flow generation, as well as consistent, proven management strategies.
  • Investment Horizon – We manage portfolios with an eye to long term performance, measured in years, not months. We do not use short-term trading strategies.
  • Focus on Cost – With respect to investments in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, we try to find lower cost funds which will offer diversification benefits to the overall portfolio.

MDA is able to tailor its approach to match a client’s unique circumstances, values, and goals. One such example is MDA’s ability to apply Environmental Social & Governance principles in constructing prudent and diversified investment portfolios. We have been serving clients with ESG interests for many years and would be pleased to provide more information on our process. (For information on the history of ESG investing at our parent firm.)